Groups and presets

Now that you have some fixtures, we'll see together how you can avoid to type over and over the same selection and values in the programmer with groups and presets.

Please note that group and presets are recalculated each time they are called. If you modify them, they will be changed in every cuelist, effect, carousel...


In the group window, you can now create a new group.

This group is juste a shortcut selection that you can call from other commands.

Let's fill it by selecting fixture, fill 1 in the ID field, check thru and fill 10 int the last ID field

Your group is now ready, when you need all your 10 dimmer, you just have to call group 1

To create a group, you also can type Fixture 1 thru 10 in the input panel, then press record group 2 enter to save your selection in a new group.


The same way you can now create a preset by selecting your fixture 1, then set its dimmer to full with the encoder.

You can now type record preset 1 to save this value as a new preset.

In the preset windows you can now select your preset to see what is inside.

You can see that there is only one value stored in the preset, your dimmer at full value for your fixture 1, subfixture 0.

Your preset is actually in "subfixture" mode. It means that if you call it, it will apply his value only to your first fixture.

By changing it to "fixture type mode", il will apply its value to every "generic dimmers" you have

By changing it to "same channel type", it will apply to every fixture with intensity channel

Please change this preset type to same channel type as we want to our full preset works for every intensities channels.

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