The progammer, the encoders and the input panel

With some fixtures in you show, you now want to control it. let's see how.

All fixtures you created have an ID, check the id of your first fixture (probably 1) and type in the input panel Fixture 1.

A lot of things just happened. First a new programmer object have been created. The prgammer is an object who allows you to directly write on fixtures. By default, BlinderKitten interface uses the programmer with id 1, but you can create other for specific tasks.

You can also see that the encoder bar now have the command Fixture 1 written on top of it and his first encoder have a label "Intensity". The text line represents your programmer selection and values. You can change values with encoders.

You can press the <- button to clear the last word in the command line, or press clear to clear it completely.

Note that when fixtures have more channels than encoders, you can seek into channels with < and > buttons on the top left of encoders bar.

The Val button of the encoder bar can be pressed to pass in thru mode... more on that later

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