Selection filters

Every selection, in groups, programmers, cuelists, effects... can be filtered

  • Divide : you must enter a pattern string with only 1 and 0. Your selection will be divided in as much parts as characters, and only part with 1 will be selected. examples :

    • pattern 10 will split your selection in half and take only the firs half.

    • pattern 010 will split your selection in three parts and take only the second one.

  • Pattern : you must enter a pattern string with only 1 and 0. The pattern will apply to every subfixtures in your selection, one character at a time to select 1 and leave 0. Examples :

    • pattern 10 will select every odd fixture, 01 every even fixture

    • pattern 111000 will select three subfixtures, leave three, and so on... in your current selection

  • Shuffle : change the order of the current selection randomly

  • Pick random : pick randomly a given number of subfixtures in the selection.

Divide and pattern can be set in symmetry

Shuffle and pick random have a seed value. if set to 0 the random will change each time the selection is called. if not, the number is used as a seed every time to always have the same random values.

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