Cuelists are the main component of blinderKitten.

The store cues, wich are basically lists of commands given to your fixtures.

Each cuelist also have these options :

  • Loop : indicates if the cuelist should off or restart when arriving at the end

  • Off if overwritten : the cuelist will off itself if no HTP channel is present and if all called LTP channels are overwritten by other cuelists

  • Tracking, Tracking allows you define behaviour of precedent cues when a cue is called

    • Disabled : commands of precedent cues are set to off

    • Cuelist order : commands of precedent cues in the cuelist are keeped

    • Call order : previously called command are keeped (cuelist order doesn't matters)

  • loop tracking : allow you to keep tracked values when the cuelist loops

  • auto start : Starts the cuelist when HTP level is set up to 0

  • auto stop : Off the cuelist when HTP level is set to 0

  • next cue : select next cue in a list

  • next cue id : manually enter the next cue id

  • HTP level : set the HTP master level of this cue

  • Flash level : set the HTP Flash level of this cue

  • off time : duration of off fade for channels when cuelist is offed

They also have these triggers :

  • go : go to the next cue

  • go random : go to a random cue in the cuelist

  • off : off the cuelist with a fade (set by off time)

  • kill : instanly kills the cuelist

  • load : show a window with all cues to choose the next one

  • load and go : show the load window and trigger a go when next cue is selected

  • renumber cues : automatically renumbers all cues

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