A cue contains a list of commands, wich all be triggered when the cue is called.

Some options are available in cues :

  • Auto follow : indicate the behaviour of the cue after executing its commands :

    • Wait for go : the cue stop the cuelist execution, waiting for a go command from the user

    • End of transition : the cue triggers the next cue at the end of all transitions of all its commands (delays and fades) plus the auto follow time

    • Immediate : the cue triggers the next cue right after its own triggering (even if fades and delays are still running) plus auto follow time

  • Random Callable : if not checked, this cue won't be callable when it parent cuelist triggers a "Go random"

Each command contains :

  • a selection manager, you can choose here fixtures, subfixtures and groups you wanna modify

  • a values manager, you can give multiple values to your selection, or apply it some presets

  • some timing options

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