Effects are a way to modify the channel values set by cuelists (or other effects)

Basically, you choose a curve, some fixtures, some channels, and selected fixtures are spread over your curve, and channels add the curve value to their value.

Fixture then move along the curve and come back at the beginning at the end of their cycle.

To go more deeper, these are the options of effects :

  • Start and Stop triggers : allows you to manually control your effect

  • Auto start / auto stop : starts and stops effect when size is up or equals to 0

  • Size : master size of your effect

  • Speed : number of effect cycles per minutes

  • Beat per cycle : used for tap tempo, to give you a more musical way to define your effect speed

  • Tap tempo : press it at least twice to set the effect speed

Your effect contains now some curves.

Each curve has its own parameters :

  • Speed : relative to master speed, you can choose here to have a curve twice more fast than others for example

  • Curve type :

    • Drawed : you draw manually the curve in the effect

    • Preset : you use a preset curve

    • Chaser : the curve is generated automatically depending the number of selected subfixtures, trying to set only one (or more, depending the chaser buddying parameter) to full at a time

  • Curve origin : allows you to set the 0 point of the curve

Now for each curve you can add a selection and some target channels to modify their values with some options :

  • Effect mode :

    • Relative : the value is added to the current value of the channel

    • absolute : the channel is set to a base value and the effect moves around it depending the size of the effect

    • attractive : the base value is applied depending the effect size

  • First element position : position of the first element on the curve

  • Elements spread : portion size of the curve where elements are set

  • Wings : times effect is repeated but in reverse each time

  • Buddying : number of following channels doing the same thing

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