Carousels are a mix between cuelists and effects.

They are configured like cuelists, you set for each selection a list of commands wich will be triggered one after other but the act like effects, fixtures are spread all over commands and everything loops forever

Options of carousels are the same than effects

Carousels are set with row, each row contains a selection and spread options like in effects

Then you have for each row a series of steps containing :

  • a step duration, relatively to other step sizes (if you want to have one step twice longer than other, set it to 2 and all other steps to 1)

  • a fade value : if set to 0, the step will jump to its value, if set to 1, all step will be a fade to the desired value.

  • some target values, can be raw values on channels or presets

Note that adding a step with no value will act as "go to current output value" in your carousel.

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